• New Moscow: the new project in the south-west

    In the coming years Lomonosov district promises to be replenished six new buildings near the Avenue VernadskogoZhiloy complex comprising six buildings to be built near the metro station “Vernadsky Avenue,” near the Lomonosov SWAD. Information about this came in late last week on the tapes, citing news agencies are not known personally, not some character, referring to the government of Moscow. The scale of the project has already said that its total area is over 70, 000 square meters. M. Rech is a project for the reconstruction of block 18 of the Lomonosov district, that is limited to Vernadsky Prospekt, streets and Maria Kravchenko mother, as well as Lenin Prospect. For a long time this neighborhood was one of the places of mass gathering of old housing stock, and the place which should come later nedvizhimosti. Proekt objects, it should be noted, is not new. As far as we could find out from open sources, it is spoken of even in a document of the Government of Moscow from 2001, the number, sorry for the bad pun, 666 PP. This regulation prescribes the draft plan quarter, as well as to find the place where will be the future starter housing required for relocation of the demolition of old houses. We also give them to transfer, it actually covers the entire north-western half of the quarter, one that is closer to the prospectus Vernadskogo.V now the timing of completion of the project is not public information, likewise, we could not yet find any information about the real estate object. It is known that in the property development undertaking participating State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Center” and, as a co-investor, CJSC “Investment Agency” Veles “. These organizations must deal with the creation of a new building block for the funds of the city, as well as their own and borrowed dengi.V Lomonosov district shortage of new buildings in recent years is not observed at all, on the contrary, projects to a relatively limited space inside the metropolis is quite a lot of them so far is In the final stage of construction and sale of the remaining flats in other construction work going. However, it should be noted that new construction will be somewhat greater than the address on the scale of its neighbors, and suschestvenno. Vozmozhno that in this case, potential buyers will offer something new in the world of new buildings – the old respectable business class, but with the amount of housing, a large monolithic complexes inherent in new formation. Such a market has been, “Grand Park”, for example, but there is an impressive building and the area, there is more than 70 thousand meters instead of half a quarter century ago in the existing area goroda.



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